The Ultimate Guide to Pella Windows

Guide to Pella Replacement Windows

Who is Pella Windows?

Since 1925, Pella has been a leader in manufacturing quality doors and windows for residential and commercial applications. Pella prides itself in going above and beyond to deliver exceptional products to its customers. What’s more, all of Pella’s products come with the strongest limited lifetime warranties in the industry, so Pella windows are a product you can trust.

What Are Pella Windows Made of?

Pella windows are offered in wood, fiberglass, and vinyl options. Read on to learn about the features and benefits of each material and choose which one best suits your needs.

Why Should You Buy Wood Windows?

Avoid the cost and hassle of window replacements with Pella’s wooden windows, which have the best lifetime warranty available for wood windows.

●     EnduraClad® Aluminum Cladding

EnduraClad® Aluminum Cladding shields the exterior of the window from the elements, so you can be confident that your windows are equipped to weather all seasons.

●         EnduraGuard® Wood Protection

EnduraGuard protects the exterior wood surfaces of your windows from moisture, decay, stains, mildew, and termite damage. This advanced protection gives you the peace of mind you need to know that your windows will stand the test of time.

●     Customizable Designs

Pella’s wooden windows offer more customizable options than its other window offerings. The wide variety of styles allows you to pick the design that best suits the aesthetic of your home. The exterior of Pella’s wooden windows are also available in a variety of colors to match the rest of your home’s exterior. However, keep in mind a vinyl window might be your best bet.

Why Should You Buy Fiberglass Windows?

While Pella’s fiberglass windows are the priciest option, they offer more protection than wood and vinyl offerings. If strength and durability are your priority, consider choosing fiberglass.

●     Superior Strength

Pella’s proprietary fiberglass windows are stronger and more impact resistant than conventional fiberglass, wood, vinyl, and wood/plastic composites. With these windows’ unmatched strength and durability, Pella guarantees a product that is built to last.

●     Heat and Cold Resistant

Pella’s proprietary fiberglass is a thermoset material, allowing it to withstand extreme temperatures. Unlike many other materials, these windows won’t melt or breakdown under temperatures ranging from – 40ºF to 180ºF.

●     Powder-Coat Finish

Fiberglass windows’ powder-coat finish meets AAMA 624, which is the highest rated fiberglass coating among leading window brands. With its long-lasting finish, Pella guarantees that its windows will never rot or corrode and are dent-, bend-, and break-resistant.

Why Should You Buy Pella Vinyl Windows?

Pella’s vinyl windows combine quality with affordability, so you can invest in durable windows without breaking the bank.

●     One-of-a-Kind Formula

This unique vinyl formula has been performance-tested and ensures weather resistance, durability, and color retention. The formula guarantees that you will never need to paint, stain, or refinish your vinyl windows.

●     Multi-Chambered Frames

Multi-chambered frames enhance the strength and energy efficiency of vinyl windows. These features also slow the transfer of heat, making these windows an excellent choice for energy efficiency.

●     Dual-Color Frames

Add an element of interest with dual-color frames, which allow you to choose different colors for the interior and exterior frames of your home. This unique feature is available on the Pella® 350 Series and Pella® 250 Series.

How Much do Pella Windows Cost?

The cost of Pella windows can range from $95 to $950 per window, in addition to the installation cost. These prices vary most by the series of windows, so becoming familiar with the various series will give you the best understanding of how much you can expect to spend.

Pella Architect Series
These windows are minimalist, allowing the design of your home to take center stage.

●     Average cost of $850 per window

Pella Lifestyle Series
This series was recognized for its energy efficiency by ENERGY STAR in 2019 and is covered by some of the best warranties among competing brands.

●      Average cost ranges from $170-$950

Impervia Series
These windows’ fiberglass construction makes them an excellent option for strength and durability. Their five-layer fiberglass material is resistant to drastic temperatures, coastal conditions, and harsh ultraviolet rays.

●     Average cost of $340 per window

350 Series
These durable, yet low-maintenance vinyl windows feature HurricaneShield impact-resistant glass, making them ideal for coastal homes exposed to extreme weather conditions. The impact-resistant glass also cuts down on outside noise to shield your home from the sounds of traffic or neighbors.

●     Average cost of $310 per window

250 Series
These windows pair quality construction with an attractive design. They are constructed with a formula stronger than normal vinyl to more effectively resist fading, twisting, and warping.

●     Average cost of $270 per window

Encompass Series
Pella’s Encompass series is a great option if you’re looking for durable windows while keeping cost efficiency in mind. The high-quality vinyl is built to resist fading and warping while meeting ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency. These windows also have an attractive design, so you don’t have to sacrifice an eye-catching design to meet your budget.

●     Average cost of $255 per window

How to Install a Pella Window

If you’re looking to save money on window replacements, installing your Pella windows yourself is a great place to start.

Before making the decision to install your own windows, here are some things you should consider:

●     Your carpentry experience

●     If you have access to the necessary tools

●     How many windows you need to install

●     If you want the assurance of an installation guarantee from a professional

If you feel confident to replace your window yourself, then grab your toolbox and get started!

Tools and materials needed to install a window:

●     Paint scraper

●     Wrecking and pry bars

●     Miter boxes

●     Finishing nailers

●     Fiberglass insulation

●     Plastic sheeting

●     Painter’s tape

●     Collated finishing nails

●     Caulk guns, caulk, and sealant

●     Claw hammers

●     Paint and paint brushes

●     Utility knives

●     Standard level

●     Shims and wood shingles

●     Safety goggles and work gloves

Now that you have the right tools, it’s time to get started.

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How to Install a Window in 7 Steps

  1. Measure the Window Opening
  2. Remove the Existing Window
  3. Prepare and Dry Fit the Window
  4. Install the Remodel Window
  5. Paint and Finish the Window